The CEDiD Study – The COVID-19 Early Detection in Doctors and Healthcare Workers using Wearable Technology

A single-center, prospective observational study of healthcare workers in high-risk areas looking to protect the NHS workforce and reduce hospital-associated transmission of COVID-19. As all study participants are monitored with cutting-edge wearables, regularly tested and their clinical symptoms monitored, data will help in determining the early warning signs and validation of algorithm for early detection of COVID-19 in healthcare workers.

If successful, The CEDiD Study will provide important information for healthcare providers in advance of any possible future peaks of infection, to prevent spread of disease and ensure minimal disruption to vital healthcare service provision. By leveraging advances in telehealth, medical devices and data analytics, it is hoped that this study will identify new strategies to facilitate the early identification of COVID-19., NCT04363489.

Link: Preprint of the CEDid Study Protocol

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