@krammecc on our & @wyssinstitute’s work towards a world without infertility: “Every year, more people are becoming infertile and the solutions have to get bigger and bolder, and more accessible. And so that’s what I see is the kind of world of the future”

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Proud to be working every day with brilliant ⁦@krammecc⁩ & ⁦@GametoGen⁩
& ⁦@wyssinstitute⁩ ⁦@Harvard⁩ team on this hugely important but underserved disease field
Reimagining Infertility – An Interview with Christian Kramme

Happy Pi day! The current date and time (14 March, 1.59pm) resemble 3.14159, the approximation of the mathematical constant Pi, or π. Pi is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. The ratio stays the same no matter how big or small the circle is.

#π #PiDay

Smile for the camera, Professor Einstein!

When the photographer Arthur Sasse asked physicist Albert Einstein to smile for the camera on his 72nd birthday on 14 March 1951 – this is the image that was taken. This image has become the most iconic image ever taken of Einstein.

We are #Recruiting patients for an egg freezing study in New York! Register here to help advance research in women’s health and receive egg freezing at a leading clinic:


Too many incredible women to feature in one tweet — lucky to learn from you all every day.

Our industry, country, and world all have a long way to go toward gender equity—but women like the leaders in the @Lux_Capital portfolio give me hope through their transformative tech cos.


📷: Some of the world’s most groundbreaking and innovative women have gathered in Abu Dhabi at the #Forbes3050 Summit, presented by @Forbes and @knowyourvalue, for a week of panels, mentorship and collaboration.

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