Where and When Is Abortion Legal by State and Pregnancy Week? – lack of knowledge around female reproductive health and physiology is the main obstacle to any constructive arguments #supportwomenshealth

Abortion is not just health care, it is a human right. Beyond infringing on bodily autonomy, there are conditions in pregnancy that result in death without safe abortion care. This is a calling for all in medicine to stand on the side of justice

The first in vivo CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing program has some new durability data showing sustained reduction of a toxic protein in ATTR amyloidosis at all four dose levels in a small 15-patient study.

Very interesting paper on induction of totipotent cells out of iPSCs that can create both embryonic & extra-embryonic tissues and provide a cellular system to better understand early mammalian development

Invited to a podcast in which I speak about the many issues around human fertility

It has never been a better time for women to support women, strengthen our influence, stick together & fight for positions of power necessary to provide our integrity, freedom and autonomy.

The Fertility Crisis Started in Japan, But It Won’t Stay There – Bloomberg – innovations in the fertility industry that allow to re-sync career & family planning timelines especially for women will become even more important for the wealthy countries

Age at #menopause is linked to #lifespan. Our friend and collaborator @karagoldmanMD on the quest for biomarkers linking #ovarianaging and #longevity and why the ovary “holds tremendous potential as a tool to understand aging.”

@DinaRadenkovic presented today at the NYC Life Science Innovation Showcase to represent Gameto and Alexandria Launch Labs. We’re always happy to share our vision on how we will change the trajectory of female health!

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