@brian_armstrong @NatureAging @biogerontology @EricVerdin @NathanielEDavid Short trial & clear quantifiable endpoint that would show its linked to age related immunosenescence, help manage the pandemic & accelerate further rapamycin & rapalogs trials @NathanielEDavid @JamesPeyer @biogerontology @EricVerdin @davidasinclair @rtnarch

NEW: After rejecting a full approval of a booster, the FDA is about to vote on the issuance of an EUA to approve a booster.

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Weekend reading has arrived – #AI2041 by @kaifulee foreword by @ariannahuff @RayDalio @mcuban with 10 short stories from relocation of talent away from SF (maybe before #2041) & quantum computer scientist revenge in Munich. Great continuation to @AKlokus future tech predictions

At @SALTConference no one is name-dropping as everyone is the big name. What I saw at the iconic and one of the most exclusive Wall Street playgrounds Anthony @Scaramucci created was fascinating. #SALTNY

@Longevity_Inv, coming 9/27/21

Speakers: @celinehalioua @mkonovalenko @DinaRadenkovic @AndreaBMaier @NUSMedicine @senstweet @ScheibyeKnudsen @BiskupEwelina @Kizoo @LifeExtension @4ever_healthy @SergeyYoung200 @humanlongevity @LongevityTech and more.


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