Check out @DinaRadenkovic’s full panel with @jeffmarrazzo @GVMaltzahn and @rsinghvi. They had a great discussion on cell therapies & the future of biotech at #SALTNY

Last month, @DinaRadenkovic led the panel Future of Tech x Bio: Investing & Company Building with @rtnarch @wolfejosh at #SALTNY. Check out the full talk below for insights on the expected evolution of biotech from some of the brightest minds in the field:

My cofounder @DinaRadenkovic at @GametoGen interviews @wolfejosh and @rtnarch on the frontiers of biotech, rejuvenation, cell reprogramming perfect to watch on a Sunday.

“Ovaries are producing a cocktail of hormones important for female life. When they decline, processes such as cognitive health decline” @jenngarrison

Llega a España Gameto, la startup biotecnológica que emplea ingeniería celular para hacer frente al deterioro ovárico #PMFarma #empleo #salud via @pmfarma – well done @GametoGen Spain🇪🇸

Great to see @GametoGen European team in Madrid making headlines in @elpais_espana @CincoDiascom for our partnerships with leading fertility clinics in Spain (largest EU assisted reproduction market) @ClinicaTambre & Hospital Ruber (Eugin Group) @Maria_Marchante @martinvars

Martin Varsavsky 🇺🇦@martinvars

De vuelta invirtiendo en España. Esta vez en nuevas terapias para la infertilidad.

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