FORBES PROFILE Dina Radenkovic Cofounder Gameto, New York

PROFILE Dina Radenkovic Cofounder Gameto, New York

Infertility treatments can bring miracles, but they have plenty of downsides: big bills, painful hormone injections and dangerous side effects. Radenkovic’s startup, Gameto, has raised $40 million to make egg harvesting cheaper and safer by using human stem cells to mature ova in a lab. She grew up in war-torn Serbia, studied math and engineering in the United Kingdom and earned her medical degree at the University College of London. Before starting Gameto in 2021 with cofounder and serial entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky, she partnered with Harvard’s George Church genetic lab to fund research on ways engineered cells could boost women’s health. “The entrepreneurial community showed me how to form companies and solve the problems you’re passionate about,” she says. 

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