I am very happy to share with you the lifestyle medicine section of the website. It is something I am very passionate about and I spend most of my free time on sports and nutrition science as I search for the roads to a healthy heart and a calm mind.


I am a member newly-formed group British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and an ambassador of Moving Medicine, an in initiative organised by the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine and the Department of Health. As an advocate of evidence-based medicine and social prescribing, I have started a trial of Moving Medicine Advice in the 4-step PAPA (permission, ask, provide information, ask) motivational interviewing format in a GP practice in South London together with an experienced General Practitioner and Football Superstar Doctor Imtiaz Ahmed. In addition, I am working on incorporation of lifestyle medicine into formal medical school curriculum in the UK and promoting simple and evidence-based lifestyle medicine intervention in the academic literature and in popular media online.

Personally, I try to exercise daily and I am working towards a personal trainer qualification. I have found exercise to help me both in my professional and personal life. It is challenging but exercise is one of the most effective interventions for our physical and mental health and moving makes us happier. It is important for our wellbeing and we need healthy doctors for healthy patients and as an aspiring cardiologist interested in primary prevention, I believe we should strive to practice what we prescribe.


Moving Medicine Prescribing in Primary Care
A survey of 158 final/year medical students from 7 UK medical schools; our study is in press
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